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C-in-C and the Reserve question

Posté : ven. 4 sept. 2020 20:32
par viperofmilan
Got a query about how the C-in-C rating relates to the Reserve section of an army list.

For example, The French in Germany, 1805-1806 list has a "Reserve" section that permits 0-1 grenadiers, 0-23 voltigeurs, and 0-1 artillery (either 8 or 12 foot battery or 4, 6, or 8 horse battery) - a total of 4 possible units. Now the rules on reserve units and the artillery reserve are covered pretty clearly on pages 67-68. What I cannot find anywhere in the English RAW is any statement on limits to the number of units a player can choose from the "Reserve" section of his army list. We have been playing that a poor / ordinary commander could chose only 1 unit; a competent / brilliant commander could choose up to 2; a strategist could choose up to 3. Is this correct? Or can any commander choose as many units as he wants from the "Reserve"realizing that he is bound by the limitations spelled out on pages 67-68 as to what he can do with these units?

Thanks for any information on how you all play this.