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Re: Traduction en Espagnol

Message par evilgong » mer. 23 janv. 2019 05:05


I've seen no projected time for an English edition, the author, above, was asking for translators a week ago. I have no idea how long such a process would take.

I'm guessing you could work from a machine-translated copy to expedite the process - but who knows? I reckon you could play trial games with a rough-and ready translation to get a broad feel for the system.

David F Brown

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Re: Traduction en Espagnol

Message par Perfide Albion » mer. 23 janv. 2019 08:55

Hey guys,
Yeah, the rules creator was saying that he eventually intended to make the rules available in English but for now his priority was Spanish.
If you want to know the basics of the rule, they could be explained like this (compared to AdlG):

The armies are set so there is a commander in chief that doesn't necessarily have troops as a orders provider to boost his officiers. There can be any number of divisions (not limited to 3) that are to be made from templates that keep the "0-X" system for different regiments (you don't fill them up at your leisure, though tbh it's not that hard to do what you want in most armies).

Each division is given an order with its restrictions and advantages (attack, engage, manouever...) It has to follow. These can be changed and in some occasions some changes are automatic and for free, otherwise they're given and have to be accepted ( dice roll depending on quality, roll can be modified by CiC).

Turns are a lot more act-react as each order is a phase (retreating order are first to play, so if two different players both have retreat orders they roll off initiative to set who's going to play first, then they play all divisions with that order in sequence, repeat with each other orders). When someone's playing (active player), there are many ways for the opponent's (reacting player) units to react in different ways like shooting or blocking charges, but this causes them to be less effective in their active turn.

Manoeuvring your troops is a lot easier because they don't have to touch to move in group (they have to have the almost same facing though) but at the same time almost no units ever stay in contact for long. In the whole battle's scale, units have a harder time to move around because of the orders system.

Shooting and melee are the main ways of fighting, with melee always being a tiresome job for the troops so it's a lot more dodgy.

From what I've read, there is a good focus on infantry compared to cavalry, which is fitting for the period. cavalry is strong in certain situations, but a full cavalry army would get shredded: it's a stiletto, not a bludgeon. A very sharp stiletto though.

I have yet to play a battle myself but that's the gist of it.

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Re: Traduction en Espagnol

Message par joe.harrison89 » mer. 23 janv. 2019 12:45

I really like the approach described. Slick and original.

Maybe we could ask the author for a PDF version which we could the, with permission, get translated into English.

It would cost a few hundred euro, at least, to have it done professionally. But if there are lots of people requesting this, then we could start a crowdfunder.

I will send a PM to the author and see how he feels about it.


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Re: Traduction en Espagnol

Message par hcaille » jeu. 24 janv. 2019 10:08


I have plan to translate the rules in English but no deadline for the moment.
I'm waiting for a quotation from translators.

When I will have a translated file, it will be necessary to have a proof reading from English native persons.

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Re: Traduction en Espagnol

Message par PASCAL 64 » jeu. 24 janv. 2019 14:01

ce sont nos amis espagnols qui vont être contents, on ne parle qu'anglais sur un sujet qui leur est consacré :D

attention !! comme dit mon frère de la Garde Varègue XALBAT64, les Ibères sont rudes