Map for Clubs and Players

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Map for Clubs and Players

Message par Nicofig » dim. 12 janv. 2020 18:37

Good morning, everyone,

I propose you a map of the players of "Battle Empire" on which you can position yourself and indicate the information you want (contact, armies played...).

It can be accessed at this address : Battle Empire Player Map

For reference, I suggest:

- blue for players.
- red for clubs.

Instructions for use :

1. Click on "edit" at the top

2. On the map that opens and that you can enlarge or reduce (+ or - at the bottom right or mouse wheel) :
– click on the little drop at the top "add a marker".
– place the marker on your chosen location, name it, and choose the right colour depending on whether it is for a player (blue) or a club (red)
– once it makes you close your tab it saves automatically.

In case of error, you can click on the small trash can to remove the wrong location of the marker. :)