BE Round 1 16th April Eccles

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BE Round 1 16th April Eccles

Message par Adrian Steer » mer. 5 avr. 2023 18:20

Round 1. Sunday 16th April 2023
Manchester Area Wargames Society hall at:-
Magdalene Centre,
Catherine Street
Winton, Eccles,
Greater Manchester
M30 8JD
Players to arrive at 09:00 am for a 9:30 start to the games.

lists to Adrian:-

Bataille Empire will be Singles - 200pts Coalition armies v Republican/Empire armies Standard sized tables of 120mm * 80mm playing area (2 games).
Bataille Empire
15 mm Napoleonic’s: - Period 1 Any Army that fought in Western Europe at any date - Coalition armies v Republican/Empire armies
This 15mm event will run with 2 games over the day.
• Games being fought between two opposing teams of Coalition armies and French Republican/Empire armies from the periods given below.
• Armies being entered being as either a coalition army or a Republican/Empire army (Red v Blue), players able to enter in both categories are encouraged to do so to make it easier to balance sides up, preferences should be given to the list checker who will do his best to achieve this.
• Players will then be informed which army to bring hence forming two teams and players will use the same army over the day. Those with only one army will be using that army.
• All army lists should comply with the requirements in the current BE rulebook in addition British artillery can take the option for shrapnel shells for 2 extra pts. If available Version 2 of the rules will be used.
• Army lists should be 200 pts maximum.
• Standard sized tables of 120mm * 80mm. Appropriately sized mats should be brought if available.
• Set up is as per Rules including terrain selection and placement. However, to speed up the terrain selection process a computer-generated print-out fully compliant with the rules will be available for each geographical region to those wishing to avail themselves of the service at the event, defenders choose the geographical area as per the rules.
• Players can bring a selection of terrain with them to use on their half of the table and cloth. Otherwise, the organiser will provide a range of terrain for player to select from.
• Depending on numbers attending the draw will ensure no two players play each other, if possible and also between rounds. In the case of odd numbers, the organiser will bring two armies and during the rounds the bottom player will get a bye, a toss of the coin to determine which side, no player will get two byes.
The timetable for 15mm is as follows:
• Day of event : 09:00 for a 9:30 start-13:00, 13:30-17:00
• These games times will be reduced by a few minutes (up to 15) as decided by the umpires.
• When time is called there will be a 'hard stop' to the games - put the dice down and work out the result. We know there are pros and cons to this system, but it is the same for everyone and greatly helps the overall organisation of the event.