shooting through artillery units - the clarification

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shooting through artillery units - the clarification

Message par KeefM » sam. 18 sept. 2021 19:03

heya all,

Was perplexed by the clarification that says: "Artillery can optionally shoot through an enemy artillery unit against a unit behind it, even if it is at a different range."

How does that work in practice ?

The target priorities don't permit the enemy artillery to be a priority because it isn't a formed unit. And any formed unit is a priority ahead of unformed.

The only way I could see the option being used is if there were nothing but unformed units in range (at any range) and then only if the artillery was straight ahead.

So ... just wondering what the clarification means ...

Does the clarification mean that artillery ignores enemy artillery to shoot at priority targets behind ? Or does it mean that the player can <choose> to shoot at the artillery if there are formed units behind it (even if at different range bands) ? Am confused by what "optionally" means I guess ?

Cheers all,


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Re: shooting through artillery units - the clarification

Message par RogerGreenwood » dim. 19 sept. 2021 07:21

We had fun with this one too. Our opinion is that fire is on the formed unit. We would not give an option.

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Re: shooting through artillery units - the clarification

Message par Hazelbark » sam. 9 oct. 2021 22:12

From the clarifications:
"As artillery can fire at different ranges, firing priorities are assessed according to the closest range: first at short range, then at effective range and finally at long range. The target at the closest range always has priority over those further away."

So normally
1) Shooter has an unformed unit at short range and a formed unit at effective, then the short range unit must be the target.
2) Shooter has unformed target closer than a formed unit but at effective range for both, then the formed unit must be fired upon.

*) You cannot shoot through a unformed unit unless specified. I.E. and disordered infantry line is not fire through (ignored) to shoot at a unit behind. (it still may have bounce through.

Which brings us to the answer which is artillery at short range can be fired through to strike a formed unit at effective range.