Unit upgrade question

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Unit upgrade question

Message par viperofmilan » mar. 27 avr. 2021 13:10

This may have been asked elsewhere, but I couldn't find it.

The French, Italian Army 1798-1800 provides for up to half of the light and line demi-brigades to be upgraded to veteran. I had thought I understood this simple statement, but now I'm not so sure.

Assume an army list with 9 line and 3 light demi-brigades, so a total of 6 units could be upgraded to veteran. I had thought that the total number of line and light units (12) could be upgraded. This could be all 3 lights and 3 line; half of 12 units total. Is this correct, or does the upgrade limit apply to each type: so only 1 light and only 4 line (up to half of each type)?

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Re: Unit upgrade question

Message par fdunadan » mar. 27 juil. 2021 13:51

I would say half of the total may be upgraded.