Austrians, Bohemian Army 1813

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Austrians, Bohemian Army 1813

Message par jakubcz » dim. 27 août 2023 18:25

I would like to ask about the rules v2! : Austrians, Bohemian Army 1813.
My question is: The requirement for the composition of the Austrian army is that it must contain 50 percent conscripts out of the total German infantry count. The Army list from 1813 states in the last sentence that there is no minimum number of conscripts. Does this mean that the 50 percent conscript requirement for the overall army composition does not apply here? i asking you, because of a debate between me and the other player, I asked. They say that the rule regarding the army list holds more power than the rule before the army list. Therefore, in my opinion, the 50 percent conscript requirement doesn't necessarily have to be followed. Thank you for your response.


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Re: Austrians, Bohemian Army 1813

Message par fdunadan » mer. 30 août 2023 16:00

The list notes overrules the general army notes.
So the Austrian Army has an obligation of Conscripts, except for the list that state there is no such obligation.
so enjoy your full L3 German Ländser in 1813!